South Texas Gardening with Bob Webster

Grub Worms (June Bugs)

grub wormThe white grub worm is the larval or immature stage of the adult June beetle (also known as the June bug). Only a few species of these beetles cause damage to turf grass, ornamentals and flowers. There is a tendency to think of grub worms as a spring and early summer problem but grub worms continue to be active through the summer and into the fall. When patches of brown grass begin to appear close examination will usually reveal that the grass has lost most of its roots to hungry grubs.
If this is occurring in your yard treat at once with beneficial nematodes to eliminate grubs. Help your grass recover by making an application of fertilizer to these areas and water regularly. In the fall add a1/2 inch of finished compost (we recommend Ladybug Revitalizer Compost) to help with the regrowth. Your grass may look somewhat worse before it begins to recover, but this treatment will start the recovery process, and new runners will begin to cover the area quickly as the cooler days of fall arrive.

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