South Texas Gardening with Bob Webster

8/16/14 - Howard Garrett, the Dirt Doctor

Bob invites Howard Garrett, the Dirt Doctor, to speak about the wonders of the organic program.

8/16/14 - Wysteria, Hydrogen Peroxide, Tomatoes,

Why doesn't wysteria have any scent? How to use hydrogen peroxide in the soil. Growing tomatoes in containers.

8/16/14 - Grasshoppers, Munster Dog Food,

Trying to control a future generation of grasshoppers from tearing up the garden. Where to buy Munster dog food.

8/16/14 - Esperanza, Foxtail Fern, Thyme,

Is now the time to plant esperanza, foxtail fern, and thyme? Activated charcoal.

8/16/14 - Grape Vine,

Can grape vines be regrown? Shade cloth.

8/16/14 - Root Irrigation, Figs, Weed Block,

Why don't we try root irrigation for the drought period? Mulching figs. Root zone for growth in container vegetables. Commercial weed block.

8/16/14 - Crown of Thorns, Figs, Passion Flower,

Can crown of thrones grow all year? Figs are slowing in growth. Hardly see any blooms on the passion flower.

8/16/14 - Bush Green Beans, Okra,

Bush Green Beans are growing only curly little beans before they die. Okra is slow to grow.

8/16/14 - Fall Astors, Copper Canyon Daisy,

Any good fall and winter perennial bloomers?

8/16/14 - Figs, Ligustrum, Pecan Tree,

When can figs be cutback? Is ligustrum overgrowth a problem? Web worms on the pecan trees.

8/16/14 - Asiatic Jasmine, Japanese Star Jasmine,

Breaking down the oak leaves to compose so the Asiatic Jasmine can spread. Is Star Jasmine good for fence cover?

8/9/14 - Cornmeal, Spidermites, Mosquitos,

Making cornmeal paste for toenails. How long will seaweed and molasses last when it's mixed with water? Will spidermites attack weeds? Mosquito repellents.

8/9/14 - Cornmeal, Azola, Purple Sage, Plumeria,

How much should cornmeal be reduced for fighting fungus? Azola on the pond. When can purple sage be pruned? No flowers on plumeria.

8/9/14 - Tomatoes, Onions, St. Augustine,

Using cornmeal on the tomato potting soil. How far apart should the onions be planted in rows? St. Augustine has been killed with ironite.

8/9/14 - Figs, Neem Oil, Texas Red Bud,

When's the best time to air layer figs? Is it too hot to put out Neem Oil? The best of the Red Bud.

8/9/14 - St. Augustine, Comfrey,

Can Medina Plus take the place of compost on the St. Augustine? Comfrey is having a hard time this time of the year.

8/9/14 - Mexican Heather, Caolina Jessiman,

Why doesn't Mexican Heather ever grow? Growing Carolina Jessiman.

7/27/14 - Mesquite, Cucumbers, Bush Beans,

Clearing mesquite. What's some good Pasteur grass? How to keep mesquite from spreading mesquite. Cucumbers and bush beans are blossoming but no fruit.

7/27/14 - Grassburrs, Lantanas,

How to kill grassburrs. When the leaves of a lantana start wilting, does it need water?

7/27/14 - Duranta, Meyers Lemon, Mesquite Trees,

There is no green in the duranta. Does it need to be cut back? How deep a pot should a meyers lemon be put in? Transplanting mesquite trees.

7/27/14 - Esperanza, Sage, Passion Fruit,

Is it okay to move esperanzas? How about sage? Starting passion fruit from seat.

7/27/14 - Roaches, St. Augustine,

A good organic way of getting rid of roaches in the house. A lot of yellowing in the St. Augustine lawn.

7/27/14 - Push/pull Hoe, Curly-top Virus, Thripes,

Bob explains the push/pull hoe. Is there a way to get rid of curly-top virus? Thripes.

7/27/14 - Figs, Crape Myrtle, Spidermites,

How long do you air layer fig trees? When is the best time to take Crape Myrtle cuttings? Spidermites are getting the best of the garden.

7/27/14 - Meyers Lemon,

How long should it take to air layer a Meyers Lemon?

7/27/14 - Solarizing, Oak Trees,

Solarizing oak trees. Transplanting oak trees.

7/27/14 - Trombetta Squash, Ixoras,

Why isn't the Trombetta squash plants? Killing Bermuda grass. Cutting down the Ixoras.

7/27/14 - Esperanza, Crape Myrtle, Seeds,

Are there different kinds of Esperanza? Can the roots of Crape Myrtle be covered up? What's the best way to store seeds?

7/26/14 - Howard Garrett, the Dirt Doctor

The Dirt Doctor, Howard Garrett, speaks with Bob about the wonders of organic gardening.

7/26/14 - Mums, Lantanas,

Can mums be cut back now? Is it common for lantanas to have their blooms fall off in the summer?

7/26/14 - Bermuda Grass, Monterrey Oak, Eggplant,

Trying to combat bermuda grass. What's the formula for a pesticide against ants? A monterrey oak has browning leaves. Eggplant never has any fruit.

7/26/14 - Zucchini, Squash,

These bugs keep bothering the zucchini plants. Too many beetles on the squash.

7/26/14 - Okra, Tomatoes, Apple Tree,

Is it too late to replant okra? What's a decent size tomato? An apple tree is dead, how to remove the stump?

7/26/14 - Tomatoes, Horn Worms, Cabbage, Papaya,

Transplanting tomatoes, but found a little green worm. Cabbage is cole plant. Planting papaya seed.

7/26/14 - Asparagus, Fig Trees, Okras,

When do you plant asparagus? A fig tree is "over sugaring" ? What is that? Got aphids on the okra.
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