South Texas Gardening with Bob Webster

9/28/14 - Paulownia Royal Empress, Bamboo, Sugar Snaps,

How does the paulownia royal empress tree grow in Texas? Growing bamboo. Can sugar snaps be planted this time of year?

9/28/14 - Super Soil, Wandering Jew,

Is super soil good, or is it junk? How to eliminate the wandering jew?

9/28/14 - Lettuce, Spinach, Spidermites, Sawdust,

Is it time to plant lettuce and spinach? Spidermites are frustrating, what to do? Can sawdust be used in the garden?

9/28/14 - Compost, Asparagus, Broccoli,

How much green and brown do you need for a compost pile? When is the right time to clip the asparagus ferns? Something is eating broccoli.

9/27/14 - Howard Garrett, the Dirt Doctor

Bob speaks with Howard Garrett about the wonders of the organic program.

9/27/14 - Rain Water Harvesting, Diatamacious Earth,

The financial benefits of rain water harvesting. How much diatamacious earth should be put out for the cattle?

9/27/14 - Cats,

How to repel the neighborhood cats. Scaring away pests.

9/27/14 - Mulberry Trees, Olive Trees, Rain,

Everything about Mulberry Trees. Growing olive trees in the San Antonio area. How and why is rain different than regular water?

9/27/14 - Pitaya Fruit, Cedar Allergy Cure, Beets,

The strange delicacy of the pitaya fruit. The recipe for cedar allergy/fever. Grasshoppers attacking beets.

9/27/14 - Cedar Fever Formula, Palm Tree,

Cedar Fever Formula. Beyond the season to protect palm trees.

9/27/14 - Annuals, Squash,

What annuals can be planted that can survive the winter? Something is chewing the squash plant.

9/27/14 - Bird of Paradise, Bearded Iris,

Is it too late to put Bird of Paradise in Rocky soil before the winter arrives? Freshly potted Bearded Iris.

9/27/14 - Texas Rain Lillies, Fitzers Cannas,

How much water should a Texas Rain Lillies get? Fitzers Cannas.

9/27/14 - Rye Grass, Broccoli, Cabbage,

Using Rye Grass through the winter to keep the lawn green. Is it too late to plant Broccoli and Cabbage?

9/27/14 - Celeste Fig Trees, Oak Trees,

Is this the best time to move fig trees from the pot to the ground? Is it time to trim Oak trees?

9/14/14 - Vitex, Strawberries, Sage, Thyme,

Where and when should you plant vitex? Can strawberries in a pot be moved to the ground now? Can herb plants be moved to the garden?

9/14/14 - Wild Indigo, Wildflowers, Scorpions,

Does wild indigo grow well in the San Antonio area? Is it time to put out wildflower seed? Do cedar chips repel scorpions?

9/14/14 - Shade Clothe, Morning Glory,

Using shade clothe on the tomato plants. Spotting plants related to morning glories.

9/14/14 - Mexican Sycamore, Sweet Potatoes, Fire Ants,

Do Mexican Sycamores have very low hanging branches? Do sweet potatoes need a lot of fertilizer? Fire ants on the okra.

9/13/14 - Howard Garrett, the dirt doctor

Bob and Howard talk about the wonders of the organic program.

9/13/14 - Crape Myrtles, Roaches,

Picking up trees from Arbor Day Foundation. Formula for killing roaches.

9/13/14 - Organics, Spinocade, Root flair,

Educating the ignorant on the benefits of organic over chemical. Root flair must be exposed.

9/13/14 - Cauliflower, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts,

Starting a garden box full of carrots, cucumbers, watermelons, and a lot of other things.

9/13/14 - Live Oak, Granite,

Why do live oak leaves take so long to decompose? Decomposed granite to control the weeds.

9/13/14 - Ponytail,

What's the recipe for weed killing? A ponytail plant has pups popping out.

9/13/14 - Root knot nematode,

Trying to control the root knot nematode. Growing grass in sandy soil.

9/13/14 - Yellow Squash, Wine Cups,

Looking for a yellow squash. Growing wine cup from seed.

9/6/14 - Rosemary, Solarizing,

Wanting a rosemary plant to branch out? Does it matter if you leave the dead grass from solarizing?

9/6/14 - Plumbago, Bluebonnets, Sago Palm,

Should plumbagos be moved at this time of the year? Will bluebonnets bloom before winter? A mass of pups on a Sago Palm.

9/6/14 - Broccolil, Fire Ants,

When is a good time for direct seeding? What fertilizer do you put in broccoli? A massive invasion of fire ants.

9/6/14 - Sprayers, Solarizing, Tiff Bermuda,

Getting good use out of old sprayers. Does the dead grass need to be pulled out after solarizing? The tiff bermuda has encroaching St. Augustine.

9/6/14 - Wandering Jew, Ants,

What's the formula for stopping the spread of Wandering Jew? Spraying liquid fertilizer. Fighting ants.

9/6/14 - Gnats, Fertilizer, Oak,

How to get rid of gnats swarming around the drain? How often to fertilize Bermuda grass? An oak tree is just not growing.

9/6/14 - Thyme, Aphids, Ants,

Why did the thyme dry up so quickly? Aphids are attacking the Swiss Chard, what to do? Ants are getting into the pots.

9/6/14 - Cypress Trees, Broccoli, Crossandra,

Where and when do you plant Cypress tree sprouts? When do you put in broccoli? A crossandra has shown any blooms.
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