South Texas Gardening with Bob Webster

7/26/14 - Howard Garrett, the Dirt Doctor

The Dirt Doctor, Howard Garrett, speaks with Bob about the wonders of organic gardening.

7/26/14 - Mums, Lantanas,

Can mums be cut back now? Is it common for lantanas to have their blooms fall off in the summer?

7/26/14 - Bermuda Grass, Monterrey Oak, Eggplant,

Trying to combat bermuda grass. What's the formula for a pesticide against ants? A monterrey oak has browning leaves. Eggplant never has any fruit.

7/26/14 - Zucchini, Squash,

These bugs keep bothering the zucchini plants. Too many beetles on the squash.

7/26/14 - Okra, Tomatoes, Apple Tree,

Is it too late to replant okra? What's a decent size tomato? An apple tree is dead, how to remove the stump?

7/26/14 - Tomatoes, Horn Worms, Cabbage, Papaya,

Transplanting tomatoes, but found a little green worm. Cabbage is cole plant. Planting papaya seed.

7/26/14 - Asparagus, Fig Trees, Okras,

When do you plant asparagus? A fig tree is "over sugaring" ? What is that? Got aphids on the okra.

7/26/14 - Wisteria, Irish Potatoes,

A wisteria has never bloomed. Is it a good time to plant irish potatoes?

7/26/14 - Apple Tree, Mulch, Frogs,

A caterpillar is hurting an apple tree. Do you put mulch on fruit trees? Do frogs eat mosquitoes?

7/26/14 - Mexican Sycamores, Butterfly Bush,

For transplanting, is it best to dig a square hole over a round hole? A variety of Israeli apples. Fast-growing shade trees. A butterfly bush is trying to die.

7/20/14 - Champanel Grapes, Mountain Laurel,

Will the growth of champanel grapes grow straight up on the trellis? Why did an old mountain laurel die?

7/20/14 - Top Soil, Fig Tree,

How much top soil should be laid on a rocky area for planting grass? Fig trees have too much soil around them.

7/20/14 - Sun Gold Tomatoes, Pole Beans, Gardenia,

Sun gold tomatoes are getting shriveled leaves. Why are the pole beans sprouting? Killed the gardenia.

7/20/14 - Zucchini, Yellow-Neck Squash, Tomatoes,

Do zucchini and squash cross if planted to close to each others? What kind of soil should be put in a tub for tomatoes? Way over fed the yard.

7/20/14 - Roses, Passion vines,

Trying to root some rose stems. Can passion vine stems be soaked along with rose stems?

7/20/14 - Cucumbers, Knockout Roses,

How to stop root-knot nematode. Do cucumbers die at this time of the year? A knockout rose bush is dying.

7/20/14 - Squirrels, Tomatoes, Blackberries,

Bushy-tailed tree rats are tearing up the garden. Rot blossom is going on in the tomatoes. How to dig and transplant blackberry shoots?

7/20/14 - Esperanza, Mexican Heather,

What's a good summertime cover crop? How difficult is it to replace an esperanza? Why does Mexican Heather not come back?

7/19/14 - Howard Garret, the Dirt Doctor

Bob speaks with Howard Garrett about organic gardening and the dangers of not being organic.

7/19/14 - Climbing Roses, Earthworms,

Is it too late to prune climbing roses? Is there a difference in worm castings and compost? Is railroad ties recommended to expand a garden?

7/19/14 - Okra, Roses, Eggplant,

Some okra are fruiting while others are blooming fine. Two rose bushes have either dead stalks or strange growths. Eggplant has plenty of leaves, but no fruit.

7/19/14 - Naval Orange, Peach Tree,

Planting naval oranges in an around a new property. A peach tree suddenly doesn't produce anymore, leaves are browning.

7/19/14 - Blister Beetle, Dogwood,

How to get rid of blister beetles on the tomato plant. Are there any native dogwoods in South Texas? Strange gooseneck-looking plant in the garden.

7/19/14 - Japanese Ligustrum, Asiatic Jasmine,

How to fight ligustrum off an oak tree. Why doesn't Asiatic Jasmine grow uphill? Organic fertilizers are more economic.

7/19/14 - Juniper, Fertilizer, Ornamental Kale, Pansies,

Is the juniper in New Mexico the same as the cedar in Texas? What's the difference between dry fertilizer and wet fertilizer? Is it okay to plant ornamental kale now? Are pansies a cold-weather crop?

7/19/14 - Chinese Squash, Oriental Longbeans, Mice,

Chinese Squash grows long, but it doesn't have much fruit. There are strange bites on the oriental longbeans. Fighting garden mice.

7/19/14 - Tomato,

When is a good time to remove the fruit off of a tomato plant?

7/19/14 - Lemon Tree,

A lemon tree in a molasses bucket is losing leaves quickly. Will insulate help the tree?

7/19/14 - Mexican Sycamores, Weeds, Palmetto,

Can a Mexican Sycamore recover after being neglected? Weeds are taking over the yard. Is palmetto drought tolerant?

7/6/14 - Hackberry Tree, Woodpecker,

The leaves are yellowing on a hackberry tree. How do you deter woodpeckers?

7/6/14 - Grape Fruit, Japanese Boxwood,

Will Grape fruit seeds from the grocery store grow a tree? Will air grafting work on Japanese Boxwood?

7/6/14 - Tomatoes, Crape Myrtle, Monterrey Oak,

Why are the leaves curling on a tomato plant? Can tomato plant be topped off at a length? Moving a crape myrtle. Monterrey Oak is getting only a little light.

7/6/14 - Watermelons, Field Mice, Fire Bush,

Why does a watermelon look like blossom end rot? Using peppermint oil to rid the garden of field mice. Is it too late to dig up a fire bush?

7/5/14 - Howard Garret, the Dirt Doctor

Bob speaks with Howard Garrett about the wonders of Organic Gardening.

7/5/14 - Peaches, Nectarines, Mesquite, Mexican Lime Tree,

The leaves of a peach tree are fading. Leaves of nectarines are turning red. Mesquite in Texas. Leaves started to curl on a Mexican Lime.
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