South Texas Gardening with Bob Webster

10/26/14 - Sod, Fertilizer,

Does flooding sod improve it to grow? Fertilizers good for dogs.

10/26/14 - Pomegranate tree, Ming Fern,

A pomegranate tree suffered but it came back. Why no fruit? Should a ming fern be moved to the ground?

10/26/14 - Bougainvilleas, Oak Trees,

Looking for an evergreen plant. How to prep Bougainvilleas for the winter. What point do oak trees get trimmed?

10/27/14 - Monarchs, Amaryllis,

Why do monarchs like to land on milkweed? Getting Amaryllis do go dormant.

10/26/14 - Tomatoes, Worms,

Plenty of blooms on tomatoes, should they be cut to start stronger growth. Cabbage loopers and other worms.

10/26/14 - Brussel Sprouts, Poblano Peppers, Broccoli,

After planting Brussel sprouts, what is to do next? Is it too late to plant broccoli?

10/26/14 - Brussel Sprouts, Poblano Peppers,

After planting Brussel sprouts, what is to do next? Is it too late to plant broccoli?

10/11/14 - Seaweed, Acorns, Oaks,

Can seaweed be mixed with BT? Can you pull the acorns from the tree before the bugs get to them? What's the difference between the major oak trees?

10/11/14 - Loopers, Sugar,

Will BT affect loopers? Can sugar be used instead molasses?

10/11/14 - Rain Barrels, Potatoes, Bermuda,

Can rain barrels used for herbicides be cleaned for rain water? Could a potato planted in the fall survive? How can you attract the horses to provide waste in certain part of the yard?

10/11/14 - Wax Leaf Ligustrum,

The leaves of a wax leaf ligustrum are crinkling.

10/11/14 - Sugar Snap Peas, Mulch,

What time of year do you plant sugar snap peas? Do you poor less mulch during the winter?

10/11/14 - Sweet Olives, Pomegranite,

Does a sweet olive take full sun? A pomegranate needs propagated.

10/5/14 - Rye Grass, Sunflowers, Plumeria,

Will rye grass help with the grass burrs for next Spring? One benefit of Sunflowers. A plumeria is taking a beaten, will they survive?

10/5/14 - Eggplant, Tomatoes,

How to keep eggplant from chilling in the Northeast fall nights. Tomato plants grew very well, but no fruit what so ever.

10/5/14 - Lightning, Bermuda, Garlic,

The benefits of lightning rods for the roof. Can Bermuda grass be overrun by St. Augustine? How to plant garlic?

10/5/14 - Snakes, Strawberry, Live Oak,

What can you do to keep snakes from getting in the house? What do you soak strawberries in before planting? How to stop roots from sprouting on a Live Oak?

10/4/14 - Dracaena, Chinese Evergreen,

Does a Dracaena with a large root ball need to be moved to a larger pot? Looking for a silver Chinese Evergreen.

10/4/14 - Howard Garrett, the Dirt Doctor

Bob invites Howard to talk about the sudden rain storm that damaged the Dallas area. Also they talk about the wonders of the organic program for gardening.

10/4/14 - Okra, Tiff Bermuda,

Will root-knot nematodes affect okra? The Tiff Bermuda has been lost to weeds.

10/4/14 - Fleas, Shade Penetratiion,

Will nematodes suffer in a lawn after flea bombings? How much light should be allowed for shade penetration in a garden bed?

10/4/14 - Monterrey Oak, Drip Irrigation,

How much water should a Monterrey Oak take? Drip irrigation.

10/4/14 - Amaryllis , Live Oaks, Jasmine, Bougainvilleas,

When is the best time to transplant amaryllis? Will jasmine plants ruin the growth of live oaks? When do bougainvilleas bloom?

10/4/14 - Rose, Lime Trees, Wildflowers,

Looking for a rose that blooms a lot and stands on its own. Is now a good time to plant roses? Why isn't a lime tree blooming? Should wildflower seeds be mixed with sand?

10/4/14 - Dragon Wing Begonias, Western Soapberry,

Can Begonias be rooted this late in the season? Is western soapberry a good tree?

10/4/14 - Rhy Grass, Spinach, Onions,

Is now the time to plant rhy grass? Are we close to spinach-planting temperatures? When to plant onions?

10/4/14 - Figs, Grapes, Red Oak,

When is it best to plant fig cuttings in NE Texas? Should grapes be thinned out aggressively? A red oak is getting leggy.

10/4/14 - Irises, Lantanas, Cucumbers,

What time of the year is best to move irises? Can lantanas be moved too? Cucumber vines snapped up.

9/28/14 - Roses, Butterfly Bush, Desert Roses, Pecan

Is now the right time to get cuttings from roses? Will butterfly bush survive a trimming? When does a desert rose bloom? Pecan leaves for mulch.

9/28/14 - Papayas, Orient Pears,

Can papayas be easily grown from seed?

9/28/14 - Sago Palm, Okra, St. Augustine,

A sago palm has split in 2, why? Okra is growing, but it's stunted. Should St. Augustine be covered in compost for the Fall?

9/28/14 - Cornmeal, Indian Summer Coleus,

White layer of fungus covering the cornmeal, is that good? Will indian summer coleus survive the winter?

9/28/14 - Pindo Palm, Kumquat,

How high should the root ball be for a pindo palm? A kumquat was compacted to hard, how to fix?

9/28/14 - Lady Banks Roses, Dressina,

Will trimming down a lady banks rose keep it from blooming? A dying dressina was stuck in the ground, good idea?

9/28/14 - Geraniums, Box Wood Birch,

Can geraniums be revived after the summer heat? When is the best time to move a box wood to a new location?
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