South Texas Gardening with Bob Webster

4/19/14 - Junebugs, Fertilizer, Tank Grass,

Coyotes eating junebugs. How long does organic fertilizer take to work? How to get rid of pond weeds.

4/19/14 - Birds, Liquid Fertilizer, Tea,

Dealing with birds who eat the bait used to catch the squirrels. Is there no such thing as an organic liquid fertilizer? Can tea grow in San Antonio?

4/19/14 - Cantaloupes, Potatoes, Tomatoes,

There is yellowing on the leaves on the cantaloupes. Black spots on the leaves of the potatoes. Tomatoes.

4/19/14 - Bougainvillaea , Firebush

A bougainvillaea shows now signs of returning to health. The firebush isn't growing.

4/19/14 - Garrett Juice, Wisteria, Okra, Roses

Why does Garrett Juice turn to gel? When does wisteria bloom? How often should okra be watered? How often do you spray roses with cornmeal?

3/30/14 - Weeds, Bees, Butterflies,

How strong should the vinegar be to kill weeds? Some flowers to attract bees - salvias, flowering tobacco, zenias. Do butterflies pollinate?

3/30/14 - Blue Point Cedar, Bouganvillas, Balloon Flowers,

A blue point cedar isn't growing very tall. A 101 on Bouganvillas. Balloon Flowers are confusing.

3/30/14 - Sand, Fertilizer,

Can Medina be used to improve sandy soil? Why you shouldn't use MiracleGro. How long after granials are applied to put fertilizer?

3/30/14 - Birds, Fertilizer, Plumeria,

What feed should be put in the bird feeder to attract new and pretty bird? When should fertilizer be applied to the lawn for greener grass? Did a plumeria survive the winter?

3/30/14 - Liquid Fertilizer, Blackberries, Ironwood Tree,

What's the best fertilizer for fruit trees? How bushy should blackberries grow to? The Ironwood Tree.

3/30/14 - Esperanzas, Squash, Beans,

Cutting back dead esperanzas. Growing them tall. What to grow around tomatoes?

3/30/14 - Houtonia, Domianita, Hummingbirds,

Can a houtonia be used as a ground cover, or should is it a vine? How to establish domianita. Attracting hummingbirds.

3/30/14 - Blood Meal, Nutsedge, Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts,

Does blood meal repel deer and rabbits? Nutsedge is hard to fight. When do you pick asparagus? Is brussel sprouts season over?

3/29/14 - Plumbagos, Esperanzas, Sago Palm,

Strange frowns are growing from the Plumbagos. Should the Esperanzas be cut back? A sago palm is blooming a strange ball.

3/29/14 - Howard Garrett,

Bob brings the Dirt Doctor to talk about the wonders of the organic program.

3/29/14 - Ginkgo Tree, Compost, Roses,

What makes the Ginkgo tree grow so well? Is compost suppose to look like a mulch? Do Knockout Roses have a different life span?

3/29/14 - Live Oaks, Shin Oaks,

Do Live Oaks need fertilizer after surviving a Cedar attack? Do Shin Oaks get oak wilt?

3/29/14 - Ear Mites, Peach Trees, Meyers Lemon, Pepper Seeds,

How to prevent ear mites for dogs. A Peach tree died during the winter, should a new one be planted now? Meyers Lemons. Do starter kits work for pepper seeds?

3/29/14 - Dogs vs the Yard,

Big dogs have trampled the soil down and killed off the ground. How to try to bring back the yard? What are some ways to keep the dogs from destroying the yard?

3/29/14 - Live Oaks,

What's a good blend of fertilizer for Live Oaks? Raising organic trees in a new area.

3/29/13 - Mountain Laurels, Compost vs Mulch, Satsumas,

Are Mountain Laurels going to grow well in Natalia, TX? What's the difference between compost and mulch? The new Satsuma Orange Frost.

3/29/14 - June Bugs, Tomatoes, Orange Oil,

Keeping the widespread infestation of june bugs at bay. Is it too early for shade cloth on tomatoes? Using a drench to stop ants with orange and rose oil.

3/29/14 - Colanchoes, Snow Peas, Sweet Basil,

How far should Colanchoes be cut back? How much harvest time is left on Snow Peas and Spinach? Keeping potted Basil moist.

3/22/14 - Aspargus, Zoysia,

Is the asparagus contaminated after it was sprayed with Round Up? Killing coastal weeds in a garden bed. Zoysia needs direct sunlight.

3/22/14 - Beauty Berry, Zinnias, German Iris,

Will the beauty berry come back after the cold? What are some varieties of Zinnias? Is it possible to transplant German Irises long after the winter is over?

3/22/14 - Weeds, Top Soil, Pumpkins, Grasses,

Is it too early for orange oil and vinegar to kill weeds? What's a good bedding soil? Ants are invading the pumpkin patch. What's the difference between Zyosia, Raleigh, and St. Augustine grass?

3/22/14 - Tomatoes, Harbor Dwarf Nandinas,

Using insulation to prevent wind from dehydrating tomatoes. There are no leaves on a Harbor Dwarf Nandinas. Killing weeds with plastic.

3/22/14 - St. Augustine, Tomatoes, Rock Phosphate, Ashley Spinach,

What kind of dirt is good to even out the St. Augustine? Do you plant the first 2 leaves of the tomato plant below or above the soil? Do you use rock phosphate at the bottom of the hole? How long will ashley spinach keep blooming?

3/22/14 - Turnips, Beets, Oak Trees,

How do you keep turnips from growing out of the ground? Do beet seeds grow 2 beets at once? Should Oak leaves be raked?

3/15/14 - Foxtail Fern, Fig Tree,

A 101 on the foxtail fern. Roots of a dead fig tree are growing all over the garden, should they be cut?

3/15/14 - Hedges, Germination Mats, Terrestrial Orchids,

Looking for a hedge to muffle the sounds of a highway along a property. What's the right temperature for a germination mat? Planting terrestrial orchids.

3/15/14 - Peppers, Yukon Gold Potatoes, Spinach,

Is it time to sow seeds? Germinating pepper seeds. Do you plant Yukon Gold Potatoes like normal potatoes if their from a box store? Why are the spinach leaves not growing larger?

3/8/04 - Japanese Boxwood, Tomato Cages,

Caring for a Japanese Boxwood. Putting up Juliette Tomatoes.

3/8/14 - Washingtonia Palms, Willow Weed, Pear Tree,

A palm was struck by lightening, is it a lost cause? Using willow weeds to release a hormone. An orient pear tree to mate.

3/8/14 - Ants, Pruning,

Using black pepper to rid the house of ants. Pruning frozen plants.
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