South Texas Gardening with Bob Webster

7/19/14 - Japanese Ligustrum, Asiatic Jasmine,

How to fight ligustrum off an oak tree. Why doesn't Asiatic Jasmine grow uphill? Organic fertilizers are more economic.

7/19/14 - Juniper, Fertilizer, Ornamental Kale, Pansies,

Is the juniper in New Mexico the same as the cedar in Texas? What's the difference between dry fertilizer and wet fertilizer? Is it okay to plant ornamental kale now? Are pansies a cold-weather crop?

7/19/14 - Chinese Squash, Oriental Longbeans, Mice,

Chinese Squash grows long, but it doesn't have much fruit. There are strange bites on the oriental longbeans. Fighting garden mice.

7/19/14 - Tomato,

When is a good time to remove the fruit off of a tomato plant?

7/19/14 - Lemon Tree,

A lemon tree in a molasses bucket is losing leaves quickly. Will insulate help the tree?

7/19/14 - Mexican Sycamores, Weeds, Palmetto,

Can a Mexican Sycamore recover after being neglected? Weeds are taking over the yard. Is palmetto drought tolerant?

7/6/14 - Hackberry Tree, Woodpecker,

The leaves are yellowing on a hackberry tree. How do you deter woodpeckers?

7/6/14 - Grape Fruit, Japanese Boxwood,

Will Grape fruit seeds from the grocery store grow a tree? Will air grafting work on Japanese Boxwood?

7/6/14 - Tomatoes, Crape Myrtle, Monterrey Oak,

Why are the leaves curling on a tomato plant? Can tomato plant be topped off at a length? Moving a crape myrtle. Monterrey Oak is getting only a little light.

7/6/14 - Watermelons, Field Mice, Fire Bush,

Why does a watermelon look like blossom end rot? Using peppermint oil to rid the garden of field mice. Is it too late to dig up a fire bush?

7/5/14 - Howard Garret, the Dirt Doctor

Bob speaks with Howard Garrett about the wonders of Organic Gardening.

7/5/14 - Peaches, Nectarines, Mesquite, Mexican Lime Tree,

The leaves of a peach tree are fading. Leaves of nectarines are turning red. Mesquite in Texas. Leaves started to curl on a Mexican Lime.

7/5/14 - Hydrogen Peroxide,

The uses of hydrogen peroxide in the garden and for other things.

7/5/14 - Red Tip Trees, Texas Wild Flowers, Angel Trumpets,

Should the limbs of a Red Tip be cut off if they're dead? Why are the seeds growing in one area, but not in others? When can Angel Trumpets be transporting?

7/5/14 - Elaeagnus Berries, Goji Berry,

Is it easy growing elaeagnus berries? Do sea berries do well? Goji berries?

7/5/14 - Compost, Peaches, Patio Tomatoes,

Compost 101 - what table scraps are good for the compost pile? Is there a method of preserving peaches without canning? Patio tomatoes.

7/5/14 - Agapanthus, Lillies, Stratastigma,

Is agapanthus cold hearty? What other plants can be put in the lily bed?

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7/5/14 - Cucumbers, Okra, Bush Beans,

There are only male blooms for cucumbers. It's time to plant okra and bush beans.

7/5/14 - Contender Beans, Compensating Drip,

The leaves on a contender beans are brown and blotchy. How long do you let the compensating drips system run? Germinator mix with tomato seeds.

6/29/14 - Rock Roses, Tomatoes,

Leaves are turning white on the rock roses. And organic stew to spray over the tomatoes that protect it from squirrels.

6/29/14 - Winter Rye, Deer,

Can Grow-n-Green be left in the water, dissolved and then used as a fertilizer? Do deer like to eat Winter Rye? Keeping deer out until the oats grow.

6/29/14 - Jujube, Pomegranate, Eggplant,

Can you cut down the jujube during the winter? When do you tell when the Pomegranate fruit is ready? Should eggplant be grown in a row?

6/29/14 - Mountain Laurel, Fertilizer, Crape Myrtles,

Mountain Laurels are yellowing. How much fertilizer do you lay on a raised bed? Can you propagate Crape Myrtles?

6/29/14 - Ants, Nutsedge, Delphiniums,

What can be used indoors to stop ants? Will thick black plastic kill the nutsedge? Dodelphiniums do well in Texas?

6/29/14 - Crape Myrtles, Hydrangeas, Nutsedge,

Crape Myrtles are blooming at different times. How do you wrap hydrangeas? Using molasses to kill nutsedge.

6/29/14 - Tomoteos, Bark Beetle,

Shrub recommendation. The tomoteos are not placing fruit, but plenty of blooms. Bark beetles are in the trees.

6/28/14 - Compost, Asparagus, Cornmeal,

What should be added to new ground cover under a tree? Does asparagus still keep coming up during the summer? Where to find smaller portions of cornmeal?

6/28/14 - Tuscarora Crape Myrtle, Tomatoes,

Are all crape myrtles grafted? Shoots growing. Yellowing on the leaves on a tomato plant.

6/28/14 - Fig Tree, Hydrogen Proxide,

Does too much water bad for fig tree? Using hydrogen proxide to kill algae in the water.

6/28/14 - Rats, Wax Beans,

How to keep the rats from eating the watermelons. Wax beans are dying off.

6/28/14 - Howard Garrett, the Dirt Doctor

Bob and Howard talk about the wonders of the organic program and tips to improve your garden.

6/28/14 - St. Augustine, Artichoke, Onions,

What are the weeds growing in the St. Augustine? How long is the life span of an artichoke? The onions this year are growing hallow, what's wrong?

6/28/14 - Meyers Lemon Tree, Woodpeckers, Caterpillars,

Dark green spots appearing on the lemons of a Meyers Lemon. A woodpecker is de-barking of Monterrey Oak. Killing Caterpillars.

6/28/14 - Montezuma Cypress, Armenian Cucumbers, Squash,

Looking for a tree that grows in super moist conditions. The vine of an Armenian cucumbers is growing well, but no fruit. Squash needs help.
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