South Texas Gardening with Bob Webster

Drought resistant plants

Drought resistant plantsBelieve it or not there are actually a lot of plants which once established can perform very well during times of extreme drought. To establish these bloomers quickly plant using generous amounts of compost, mix organic fertilizer into the soil; water them in with Super Thrive and finish of with an application of living mulch. The following plants are tough perennials which are not only drought tolerant but resistant to most insects and diseases. With regular fertilization they will bloom over long periods of time:
Esperanza, Thryallis, Pride of Barbados, Roses, Duranta, Cannas, Plumbago, Salvia Leucantha, Jerusalem sage, Asclepias, Asters, Coneflower,, Copper Canyon Daisy, Salvia Greggii, Skullcap, Erigeron, Anisacanthus, Blackfoot Daisy, Dwarf Plumbago, Lantana, Cassias, German Iris, German carnations, Phlox, Euryops, Meadow sage, Mexican oregano, Gauras, Russian sage Ruellias.

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