South Texas Gardening with Bob Webster


Professor Phil Callahan discovered that Paramagnetism  (that is - a weak attraction to a magnet), whilst only a weak force in nature relative to ferromagnetism (which is well known to have powerful effects on biological processes) has an enhancing effect on the fertility and vitality on life forms. Even people living on paramagnetic soil areas are happier and more peaceful, whilst enjoying good soil fertility. Callahan believes that Para magnetism is as important as nutrients; air and moisture are to soil.
Volcanic rock is a major source of paramagnetic material. Fine powdered volcanic rock dust is an excellent source of nutrients for soil micro-organisms and recent university studies indicate that it improves soil conductivity. Broadcast over poor soil, such rock dust will induce a paramagnetic state and act as a long lasting fertilizer. Paramagnetic stone circles and rock mulches around trees are also beneficial in the garden.

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