South Texas Gardening with Bob Webster

Oklahoma Redbud tree

The Oklahoma Redbud is one of the first trees to flower in the early spring, blooming petite purple-red flowers in large clusters.
This blizzard of bright blooms appears in late winter or early spring. Soon after, dark green, glossy leaves begin to form a beautiful backdrop. Ideal for tight places or small lots, but will brighten up even the largest yards. Matures to a perfect 20-30 ft. tall, forming a dense, round shape. No other tree can offer this many blooms. The Oklahoma Redbud Grows in a variety of soils and climates.
Oklahoma Redbuds are often used to accent gardens because they are very compact. However, they make great ornamental trees as well, being able to command attention with their showy purple-red flowers. These are strong trees with deep root systems. Very resistant to storm, ice and wind damage.

Mature Height - 20-30 Ft.
Mature Width -  15-20 Ft.
Sunlight - Full or Partial
Soil Conditions - Adaptable
Drought Tolerance - Good

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